Body Treatments

Rhassoul Clay Wrap

A Rhassoul Clay wrap treatment combats dry, flaky skin and sore muscles. The silica, potassium, magnesium and calcium found in Rhassoul Clay aid in the improvement of the texture of your skin, while increasing circulation and decreasing muscle contraction easing tired muscles. The perfect way to hydrate and soothe your entire body. Includes Eminence express facial.

$222 | 90 Min

Organic Wrapture

Wrapped in a warm cocoon and covered in Eminence Organics products, absorbing in to hydrate and smooth your skin. Enjoy an express facial while your stress melts away.

*Receive a complimentary Strawberry and Rhubarb Body Lotion and a size dermafoliant when you book an Organic Wrapture in the month of June*

$222 | 90 Min

Sugar Scrub

A full body luxury. Scrub away dull skin while increasing circulation, using a choice of one of Eminence Organics sugar scrubs. Finished with an application of body oil to help lock in added moisture and leaves you feeling smooth and hydrated.

$127 | 60 Min

Detoxifying Mud Bath

Moor Mud promotes circulation, stimulates the immune system, promotes muscular relaxation, relieves pain, is great for arthritis, breaks down fat cells, detoxifies, and helps with hormonal imbalance. This treatment helps to preserve skin improves circulation and makes skin look and feel rejuvenated.

$52 | 30 Min

Calming Lavender & Bergamot Coconut Milk Bath

A blend of Lavender and Bergamot helps to allevieate stress and anxiety. Helps decrease blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature, reduces inflammation and fever. Lavender also helps with insomnia and improves sleep quality by reducing the stress responses.

$52 | 30 Min

Soothing Magnesium Soak

$52 | 30 Min

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in the body and is responsible for over 300 enzymes and reactions in our body. The soothing soak will help restore your body’s magnesium levels. It also aids in alleviating muscle pain or swelling, reducing stress and fatigue and promotes a good mood.

Infra-Red Sauna

Far-infrared Sauna to help soothe aching muscles and joints, increase circulation, detoxify, burn calories and relax the body.

$22 | 30 Min

$175 | Series of 10

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