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Eminence Organic Skincare believes in providing the healthiest and most effective skin care products while also being committed to protecting the future of our planet. Wind energy and solar power energy are fundamental in the production process and a tree is planted for every product sold. These handmade products are curated using hand-picked & fresh ingredients with potent healing and beautifying properties and are proudly free of parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.

More than 25 years ago, Jane Iredale envisioned a makeup that was good for the skin – equal parts clean ingredients, skin-loving benefits and no-fade performance. This non-comedogenic makeup also provides sun protection in a diverse range of shades. Where preservatives are needed, a combination of natural preservatives are utilized, always excluding parabens. A commitment to no animal testing has always been at the core of the Jane Iredale brand. They do not test products on animals, use ingredients tested on animals or sell into markets that require animal testing.

In a world of additives, alterations, and filters, it is daring to be unadulterated; to bare it all, to go back to the basics. Buck Naked Soap Company is on a mission to buck convention, showing a community of compassionate humans that small commitments and choices matter. A more just, equitable, and healthy existence for all, starts with self-care. Since inception, they’ve introduced a full line of all-natural, vegan, handcrafted skin care products & are committed to being chemical-free, using only pure, natural ingredients. 

Saltspring soaps and skincare products are made on Salt Spring Island with a team that formulates, sources, mixes, and packages each product by hand. They honour their values of being environmentally conscious, staying small, and supporting the community. Good ingredients that are easy on the environment are key to every product. 

Inspired by clean beauty, spa culture and the art of self-care, SpaRitual is a sustainable, vegan beauty brand based on the rituals of self-care. They believe slowing down to return home to yourself is the path to enlightenment. We are committed to creating clean, non-toxic products for the spa professional and the self-care activist. 

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